Officers, Liaisons, and Coordinators

Our PTO is run by a team of caring and committed parents.  They plan and facilitate events and fundraising to support our school. Contact us at
Co-Presidents: Coordinate the over-all activities of the PTO, conduct monthly meetings, delegate to and assist various officers and coordinators, and oversee School Council elections.  Two-year commitment, rotating terms.  
2017-2018 Co-Presidents:  Jenna Marion and Kim Benard

Treasurer: Balances and maintains the PTO bank accounts, reviews budget for the PTO, and helps to establish the following year's budget.   Two-year commitment.
2017-2018 Treasurer: Lily Barbadora

Facilitator: Keeps the schedule for PTO meetings on track, takes notes (meeting minutes) and keeps the master calendar of events so that they are not overlapping with other fundraising or school/town events.
2017-2018 Facilitator: Dawn Sullivan

Parent Liaison: Communicates between the PTO and the class parents about upcoming events and shares information in a timely manner.  Solicits volunteers for events, holiday bazaar raffle baskets, auction class projects, movie days, etc, from the class parents.
2017-2018 Liaison: Emily Grant

The PTO aims to stay connected with district-wide educational organizations by sending a representative to all relevant meetings. After attending these groups' meetings, the representative reports back to the PTO with an update of the latest developments and news.

Cultural Arts Committee: Representatives attend monthly meetings, report back information obtained at the PTO's monthly meeting, and bring related issues gathered from the PTO meetings to Cultural Arts Committee meetings, as needed.  The primary goal of our cultural arts program is to expose the Johnson Community to authors, artists and performers through performances and exhibits at our school. This provides many students with opportunities they may not otherwise have.  Committee members schedule and preview artists and performers and work with the other school representatives regarding budget concerns. 
2017-2018 Committee: Michaela Hava (PTO liaison), Alicia Lynch, and Greg Dancer

Parents Coordinating Council (PCC): Liaison attends the scheduled meetings, reports back information obtained to the PTO's monthly meeting, and bring related issues gathered from PTO meetings to PCC, as needed.
2017-2018 Representative: Dawn Sullivan

School Council: School Council members are elected through a school wide ballot election. Liaison attends the scheduled meetings, reports back information obtained to the PTO's monthly meeting, and brings related issues gathered from PTO meetings to the School Council members as needed.
2017-2018 Representative:  Laura McCarthy

Media Coordinators
Facebook Coordinator: Updates Johnson Elementary School Facebook page to inform and engage Johnson community.
2017-2018 Coordinator: Kate Neville

Yearbook Coordinators: Coordinators work with yearbook team and yearbook club to produce the yearbook each year.  
2017-2018 Coordinator: Samantha Eio